Getting Your Home and Garden Winter Viewings Ready

The nights have drawn in and its hibernation time, unless of course you plan to sell your home and/or hunt for a new one! It’s a commonly held, but not necessarily true, view that homes look their best in the summer months. Like we said, not true – you just have to do your preparation to get your home and garden looking great for winter viewings.

The garden

Let’s look at the garden/outside space first, as that’s what viewers will also see first. If you have a garden and or/outside space you’ll want to present it in the best light. That means clearing away the clutter (toys, tools and anything else that might detract from the space). It also means you’ll need to keep on top of clearing away any leaves that might accumulate in your yard or garden, not forgetting your gutters, as these can easily make it look like there’s a problem when there isn’t. Finally, you can add some colour to baskets and pots with some winter flowering cyclamen, heather, snowdrops or whatever is available and looking pretty at your local garden centre.

Inside the home

Firstly, don’t overlook maintenance inside. It’s really important to make sure you keep up with having your boiler serviced. It should cut down on unexpected costs and ensure you’re not left hosting viewings in a freezing cold property, which would be very off-putting.

Strategic and atmospheric lighting can really make a home look cosy, and lamps can highlight particular areas and make a statement on their own.

Candles tend to make a home look and feel cosy too, though overpowering smells can be off-putting to some, so bear that in mind with your candle choice. Also, off-putting can be over the top decorations, whether that’s for Halloween, Christmas or any other festival or celebration. We know some people like to put decorations up well in advance of a celebration (like early November for Christmas decorations!) but if a home is overloaded it might detract from the bones of a place. Less is more if you want to sell a property.

If you are thinking about buying or selling your home this winter, please get in touch for an up-to-date valuation. And also check out our other news posts full of useful information on all things buying and selling in and around Rochdale from your local property experts. 

Published on November 2, 2021 at 01:13 PM

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