Growing Demand For Eco Homes

Growing Demand for Eco Homes

Some people have been self-building eco homes for years, and it’s been a bit niche, with only self-proclaimed eco-warriors going down this route, but the trend is arguably becoming more mainstream with more and more people seeking a more sustainable home. There’s a whole host of factors as to why – the climate crisis bringing the need for us all to look at our impact on the environment for one; the UK government’s impending ban on the installation of gas boilers in residential properties and so the need to look at alternative energy sources; plus, much more recently, the global energy crisis, forcing energy prices up substantially, which in turn is forcing us all to look at how we heat our homes from both an impact and cost perspective.


Eco means different things to different people (with no single definition) and an eco home could be a new build, constructed from low impact materials and maybe generating its own energy, which may or may be Passivhaus (which is a high and internationally recognised standard, and in simple terms is about airtightness) or a retrofit, where eco measures are added to an existing property, such as solar panels which might mean you can sell back the energy you generate, a ground or air source heat pump, or rainwater/greywater collection/harvesting for flushing the toilet with, for example – to name a few. Eco homes are MUCH more than just the existence of an electric car charging point.

In and around Greater Manchester and Rochdale and the surrounding boroughs there are existing eco homes which have been self-built as well as retrofitted ones. There are also properties suitable for retrofitting and land suitable and ripe for self builds. At Barton Kendal, we know demand for eco builds will grow. We also know the local Rochdale housing market and are best placed to discuss all the opportunities for an eco dream home with those looking to minimise their impact on the environment with a sustainable property.

Get in touch today for a chat with your trusted local estate agent and let us help you achieve your eco dreams. 


Published on February 23, 2022 at 11:03 AM

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