Extend your home or move? The pros and cons

Should you Extend or Move House?

Let’s look at the issue of extending versus moving home.

You may have re-evaluated your priorities during these last two years of covid uncertainty and disruption and considered whether your current home works for you. It may be that you know you want more space and can’t decide whether or not to move or extend. We can help!



If you are looking at extending your current home you’ll need to factor in getting in expert help from someone who knows what is and isn’t permitted development. It might be that there are restrictive covenants on your house, or it’s in a conservation area, or it’s a listed building. It might be that none of these apply and you have more of a free reign to go up, out and sideways. As well as the costs of expert help with advice, design and planning applications; construction/build and fit out costs there’s also the disruption side of things. Extending a property comes with a certain level of disruption, noise and mess. Can you and your family live with the noise and mess to get the home you want? Many can, others can’t.



The other option if you feel you want more space/a different space is to move. The housing market is still very busy, and there really are properties of all types out there in the Rochdale and surrounding areas for all types of buyers. Smaller houses with larger gardens, larger houses with huge gardens, bungalows, terraces, semi-detached houses, town houses and individual one-offs – our local market has them all. Our expert Rochdale estate agents can help you find a property that works for you and your family with a layout that suits your lifestyle.

There is no easy answer when it comes to choosing between extending a property or moving home and it comes down to what is important to you. You need to do your homework on what is and isn’t important including disruption, money, timescales, end result etc.

You could also extend your current property to make it more saleable (but maybe that’s another post!). Even if you are just thinking through the options and what you want house wise for 2022, here at Barton Kendal we can help. Get in touch for a chat.

Published on January 19, 2022 at 02:50 PM

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